KingsRoad farming bot

Advanced settings for KRBOT "Evo Hunter" special edition

General description

This version is specifically designed for farming Evo materials. It will bring you 3-4 times more materials in comparison with the normal version. It is also much more effective in farming jewels.

The program uses the shortest map - "Executioner Camp". In addition, bot heads straight to the boss, not wasting time on mobs.

Also this version can be used for standard gold farming as usual.

1. You must be able to use one of the supported screen resolutions: 1280x768, 1360x760, 1366x768, 1440x900, 1600x900, 1920x1080, 1920x1200. It will not work on other screen resolutions.

2. In game - turn off all autoloot checkboxes except "Materials".

Program requires a short setup. Please follow these steps:

1. Select the map: "
Executioner Camp (fast)
". By default it will be already selected.

2. Click settings button near the dropdown list. You will see configuration window:
Delay to boss zone
- how many clicks should be made to reach boss zone. Program makes one click per second.

Delay to boss
- how many clicks should be made from beginning of the boss zone to the boss. Again - one click per second.

These values should be set depending on your character's +MoveSpeed stat. For example,

for +MoveSpeed = 40%
Delay to boss zone = 12
Delay to boss = 4

for +MoveSpeed = 90%
Delay to boss zone = 9
Delay to boss = 3

Experiment with these values, to find the most suitable for your character. Overall result must be similar as shown on video above.

Sell only jewels
- this function will sell jewels, which dropped from the boss, to make room for materials. Do not use this option, if you farming jewels for fusion.
What else?

1. There is one more new option in this special edition to help farming materials and jewels: "
Sell lockboxes
" . This function will sell all lockboxes in your inventory.

Make sure to clear your inventory before using this option!

General delays configuration
. Click this settings button to open config window:
If you have very good internet connection, try to use Fast or Ultra config. Bot will be faster on loading maps, loot collecting, starting to move in town, etc.

1. Craft two rings with
stat. They can be crafted every Monday in the forge. This will increase drops of materials and jewels.
2. Try to increase your "
" stat as higher as you can. First of all check "Ravenous Fury" set, there are a few items with good +MoveSpeed. This set can be obtained in the last dungeouns with Venerak.

- check other sets from dungeons for additional move speed. For example, set "Malevolence" for mage have +8% move speed for 2 equipped items

- sometimes +MoveSpeed can be found on other items, like necklace, medals, charms and so on

- spend 10 points on "Agility" passive skill, you will get +25% of move speed

Use all this stuff and your character will run with reactive rocket speed. Higher the move speed = faster map run. 
Adamar's Sanctum GOLD and Adamar's GOLD Circle

KrBot EVO Hunter REV.7 can farming on Adamar's GOLD Sanctum and Adamar's GOLD Circle event maps! You need gold bars to enter these maps, but it allow you to have 2x more gold drops.

How to use: select "Adamar's Sanctum GOLD" or "Adamar's Circle GOLD" map from the dropdown list. Make sure you have goldbars in your inventory. In the game press Alt+B as usual. When no gold bars left, bot can continue farming on story maps or go farming evo materials. Press "pinion" button near the maps dropdown list to configure the story map, where bot should go after.

Note: at this moment "sell" functions is not supported for the AS GOLD mode.

Watch example of how it should work (on youtube).
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