KingsRoad farming bot

Following video is pretty old, but basically setup and launching are the same. Note that today bot uses AutoPlay button to run on the maps.
Before you'll start using this bot, please read the following instruction:

Getting started.

1. Farming bot supports any story map and also 2X gold event maps. Make sure that AutoPlay button is available on the map, where you want to farm.

2. The bot works only when game in fullscreen mode, so you can't do anything else on your computer while the bot is running.

3. This bot controls mouse and keyboard, but don't hack the game. So you have minimal chances to get banned.

4. You must complete all story maps at least on Normal difficulty.

5. Your character must be strong enough and has at least 1000 power score (30 level). Otherwise, the bot will not be too much effective.

Launching the bot.

1. Choose level of difficulty on the map that will be started be the bot.

2. Minimize window of the bot.

3. Open the game. Switch to fullscreen mode.

4. Go to options. Turn off damage numbers and enemy lifebars. Also it is recommended to set quality of graphics as higher as possible (at least set "Low", it is not recommended to use this bot with "Min" quality).

5. This bot will work only with English interface of the game! Please go to Options -> Choose "English" language -> Press "OK".

6. Close chat and other windows on the screen. Don't worry about special offers, invites and other windows that may show up during the game - bot will close them automatically.

7. After all of this done, just press "Alt+B". Bot will start to work.

8. Press Alt+X to close the program, when you want to stop the bot.
One more important thing

Please ZOOM OUT the map screen before launching this bot, otherwise it can't start the map! Follow this steps:

1. Open the map screen in the game.

2. Press "ZOOM OUT" button as shown on screenshot:
3. Close the map screen.

4. Now you can launch the bot.

5. If you experience any problems with launching this bot, please contact us:
Advanced settings for KrBot EVO HUNTER

Read more about special mode called "EVO HUNTER" and its setup at this page.
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